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The company is wholly owned by its principals and associates all of whom are professionals of various fields. The management is thus entirely in the hands of professionals, who have direct and extensive experience of the requirements of the profession.

The Directors of the firm and their professional affiliations are shown as below. The day-to-day management of the company is taken care by the Managing Director during the tenure of his assignment.

The working arrangement of the company is such that each assignment undertaken by the company is supervised and managed by one of the directors of the firm, who is designated as the "Project Director" for that particular project. The Project Director is selected based on his knowledge and experience in the requirements of the project. The concerned Project Director will pull together the right team of experts and ensure technical quality and prompt completion of the project. Great care is taken in the selection of staff or resource consultants to ensure that the job could be accomplished with a delivery of outputs efficiently as per the schedule and by maintaining high professional standards and quality.

Type of Organization: Engineering Consulting, Private Limited
Postal Address: Bhaisepati, Saibu-2, Lalitpur
E-mail: engineering.seed@gmail.com
Office Hours: From 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Office Days: From Sunday to Friday
Contact Person: Krishna Kumar Dev (Managing Director)
Mobile Tel: 9840055883
Year Established: 19 June 2012
Registration No.: 94058/068/069
Date of Last Renewal Renewed as per Pvt. Company Regulation
PAN/VAT No. 600596529


Synergy Engineering & Environmental Development Pvt. Ltd. is committed to maintaining the highest possible professional standards in all the work it carries out and the services the firm provides.

Synergy Engineering & Environmental Development Pvt. Ltd. is conscious of its responsibility to transfer specialized knowledge and experience to those who remain to continue the professional development. It is the policy of the firm to move ahead in line with new scientific and technological development in the fields of its operation. At the same time, the company is conscious about the application of appropriate technology and innovations. As a knowledge-based organization, our shared knowledge is or the main resource. The firm also maintains a good understanding and working relationship with other domestic consulting firms. These enable participation in projects with other domestic firms in joint venture or association. Our values focus on integrity, people, and teamwork.

Synergy Engineering & Environmental Development Pvt. Ltd. [SEED] has been formed in 2069 B.S. (2012 A.D.). We are actively building one of Nepal's premier engineering and related professional services enterprise.

Bhainsepati Saibu - 2, Lalitpur Nepal

engineering.seed@gmail.com, info@seed.org.np


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